Mini Reviews 3

Everything Is Illuminated Everything Is Illuminated: Sometimes I wonder if I’m reading the same book everyone else is reading. This was awful for me. I was sick of the dialogue and didn’t care about the story at all.
Abandoned at 39%.
Extremely Loud and Incredibly Close was way better than this.

Just Listen Just Listen: This book was amazing. It handles sexual assault and its aftereffects in such a conscientious and genuine manner. It’s not preachy or accusatory at all. It’s just truthful. Watching Annabel come to terms with what happened to her was done in such a truthful way. I also liked how Sarah Dessen handled the topic of eating disorders. Incredible book, I really liked it.

Little WomenLittle Women: This book was just so painful for me to read. I know it’s a classic, but I really didn’t like it.

Most of the book isn’t truly about the warmth and companionship about family. It’s a sermon about what values should be important to a person. It means well, but it’s so blatant with its preaching that it was hard for me to connect to. Also, the whole book is essentially about how women need to adjust to men in order to make them happy and how to be great housewives and mothers.

There are also really obvious religious undertones and it really made it hard for me to continue reading.

The only character I liked was Jo because she seemed like an independent thinker and didn’t need marriage to define her place as a woman. Of course she ended up getting married, which didn’t make her unique at all.

I know the book was written a long time ago and these ideals were the norm for those days, but reading it today makes me annoyed that women had to be subservient to men and there’s a whole book teaching them how to do it.

Abandon (Abandon, #1) Abandon: There’s really not much to say about this book. It’s a mediocre paranormal romance with a boring heroine and a typical “bad-boy” male lead. Honestly, I probably should dislike it more than I did, but it’s so typical of the genre that I just consider it the norm now.

The first half of the novel made me want to punch Pierce and the ending made me want to throttle John, so pretty par for the course.

I’m done thinking about this book. I may or may not decide to finish off this series.

Tristram ShandyTristram Shandy: Nope. Just nope. This book is unreadable. There’s a digression in every paragraph! It doesn’t grab me at all and I don’t want to suffer anymore.


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