Weekend in Weighton – Terry Murphy Review

Weekend in Weighton First-time private investigator Eddie Greene is having a bad weekend. It’s about to get worse …

When he finds the slab-cold body of his first client, he knows something’s up – he only spoke to her fifteen minutes earlier.

Free-wheeling, swash-buckling, trash-talking Eddie is not just out of place in a humdrum northern town. He’s out of depth on his first case, out of funds from a now deceased client and out of favour with Weighton’s big society.

As Friday night slides into Saturday morning, each twist in the case turns a bad situation worse. The police want him for murder, the local crime boss wants him dead, the mayor wants him out of town and his girlfriend wants him out of her life.

Increasingly desperate, Eddie takes on all-comers in a barnstorming bid to crack the case and clear his name. And somewhere between all the froth and fury, his affections are reclaimed by the girl who got away – but will she abide ‘til Monday?

There’s a lot to like about this book. The main character, Eddie, is outspoken, sarcastic and loves making jokes about everything. He’s endearing and you’re rooting for him the entire way. Reading about him and the colorful cast of supporting characters was really fun and enjoyable. The plot is strong and I loved the way Eddie slowly manages to piece everything together. There were a lot of false leads and dead ends so that the conclusion was really surprising to me.

However, at times, Eddie’s sarcasm and one-liners bordered on grating and because I’m not English, I didn’t get all the references and know what he was talking about. However, it’s a solid mystery novel. It’s a quick, fun read and I think others will really enjoy it.


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