lol :/ and other modern devised plays – Terry Fletcher et al. Review

lol :/ and other modern devised plays Find here three freshly minted plays that delve into those issues unique to our modern condition. From the evolution of social media to a constant barrage of advertisements, each piece in this collection paints a picture of the evolving landscape of relationships today. Created by a collective of actors, writers and directors, every one of these plays represents many voices and exists on the cusp of the devised theatre movement.

Included in this edition:
lol :/A comical investigation into how we miscommunicate with technology as revealed by the story of two women reconnecting through Facebook.

Truth in AdvertisingAn emotional commentary on society’s twisted relationship with advertisements that exposes how anyone can be turned into a product.

Wild WorldThe journey of two New Yorkers through a harsh city where strangers are the most alone when surrounded by others.

This was a really interesting idea for a book. These three plays revolve around how technology has affected our relationships with others, and how we rely on it so much that it can affect us even subconsciously. I loved all three of these plays, and while it was enjoyable to read the script, I think it would have been more so to see them acted out.

lol :/  – This was my favourite play out of the three. Facebook is such a menace these days and to read a story about two women who try to determine their relationship through Facebook (and technology in general) was comical, but also a little depressing. Their interactions were interspersed with the banal, and sometimes mundane status updates, Facebook posts and other technological communications that we take for granted these days. Hilarious, insightful, but also really depressing.

Truth in Advertising – Another really sad story about how a unique young woman is manipulated and brainwashed by advertising into becoming another cookie-cutter corporate drone. Really fun stuff. It really draws attention to how advertisements shape us and how we’re forced to market ourselves in order to get ahead in this world.

Wild World – Honestly, I was a little confused by this play. I understood it was about a young woman who went through some emotional and psychological trauma as a child and was alienated from others. While surrounded by others, she felt completely alone, which is how a lot of people feel while living in a big city. However, I’m just not sure what the point of it was. There’s no quick fix to loneliness.

All in all, it was a collection of really great plays and I thoroughly enjoyed it. I highly recommend this book to others.


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