The Summer of Dead Toys – Antonio Hill Review

The Summer of Dead Toys A skillfully plotted tale of misdeeds and murder–introducing Inspector Hector Salgado, a detective with a complicated past, a love of cinema . . . and a tendency to violence.

Under a hot Barcelona sun, a killer is feeling the heat.
When the death of a vulnerable young witness in a case of human trafficking and voodoo causes the normally calm Police Inspector Hector Salgado to beat someone up, he is moved off the project and sent instead to investigate a teenager’s fall to his death in one of Barcelona’s uptown areas. As Salgado begins to uncover the inconvenient truths behind the city’s most powerful families, two seemingly unsolvable cases are set to implode under the hot Barcelona sun.

There were things I both enjoyed and disliked about this book. One of the things I disliked was that there were so many perspectives in this novel. We learned the details of the story from so many points of view that it was quite confusing. Also, there were way too many characters with very similar names. It was really hard to keep track of all the characters and their roles in the story.

However the plot itself was multi-layered and unique. I enjoyed the story and I didn’t see the end coming which is always a nice surprise in mystery novels.

Another thing I disliked was the cliffhanger at the end. I understand that it leaves room open for the sequel, but it came out of left field and was a really random twist.

The book wasn’t perfect, but for a first novel it wasn’t bad. I think Antonio Hill will get better as he continues to write and with fewer characters, the narrative will flow better and be easier to understand. I hold out hope for him.


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