Dying to Live and Fighting to Live – C.M. Wright

17189574 This contains the first 2 books in the Zombie Overload series.

All of us have seen films, or read books, about zombies. We read them as fiction, something which will never happen. But what if it did happen? Would you know what to do? Where to go? How to fight them off?

Starting as many of those films/books do, zombies start to appear in a small town outside the home of Canada, a mom and wife who has been living her life quietly up till now.

Canada turns out to be a sassy, funny and very brave woman as she battles to take her family to safety, using advice she gleaned from watching zombie movies over the years to ‘kill’ the undead threatening her safety, and that of her family.

Can she succeed in her quest to stay safe? Can she keep all of her family safe with her? Can life go on under such extreme conditions? Only time will tell…

I usually love zombies. In fact, everyone who knows me well knows that my greatest love is to discuss the zombie apocalypse. One of my favourite shows is the Walking Dead and my favourite remake of all time is Dawn of the Dead. I am a HUGE zombie fan. However, this book just irritated me.

The main character, Canada, was annoying straight from the beginning. The lines that other readers seem to like made me roll my eyes. She tried so hard to be badass that it just come across as unrealistic and desperate. All her talk about her “babies”, admiring herself in military outfits while the world went to hell and she was supposed to be scared for her life, and professing her love for her husband while flirting with another man didn’t exactly endear her to me. The characterization was weak all around. Either I despised the characters or I found them to be cliches. For me, the worst secondary character was Sara. Take all of the stereotypes of the skinny, bitchy, slutty woman and that’s what you get with her. And just to clinch it, of COURSE she tries to poison and murder Canada, because why not? When the zombie apocalypse is occurring, it’s obvious that there will be some mentally unbalanced woman who is so jealous of you and your relationship with another man (who is not your husband) that she’ll try to kill you. Yup. Makes perfect sense.

Continuing on, Canada’s inner monologue was utterly ridiculous for most situations. It wasn’t funny for me at all, it just grated on my nerves. The plot was highly unbelievable even for a zombie novel. I never thought I would ever say that, but it’s true. It was a chore to finish this book and as harsh as it sounds, I was rooting for the main character to become zombie bait. Apologies to C.M. Wright for such a negative review, but I really disliked this novel.

If you want great zombie books try World War Z for a logical look at the zombie uprising, or Pride and Prejudice and Zombies or Warm Bodies for a more humorous read. Skip this one.


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