Orange Juice in Bishop’s Garden: Summer of 1994 – Otessa Marie Ghadar Review

Orange Juice in Bishop's Garden: Summer of 1994 (OJBG, #1) Grunge. Doc Martens. Under-age tomfoolery. Welcome to the summer of 1994.

Set in grunge-era Washington DC, this first installment of the series follows the lives of 18 high schoolers, as they grow up & get down in ’94.

A first hand look at series creator Otessa Ghadar’s creative vision.
Includes full scripts, character descriptions, & director’s preface from Season 1 of “Orange Juice in Bishop’s Garden” ( Read the story of 18 kids growing up and getting down in 90’s Washington DC.

This is a really hard book to write a review for. Instead of it being a novel, it is laid out as the series of scripts for the long running web series Orange Juice in Bishop’s Garden. After I finished reading the book, I watched the web series. What I know for sure is that I really enjoyed Season 1 of the web series. Some of the acting was really weak and the dialogue wasn’t always great, but it captured the emotion of growing up in the 90’s perfectly. I was younger than a teenager in the 90’s but in a way, it captured my teenage experience as well. I guess that makes this book timeless.

I really liked all the characters, and the teenage angsty drama made me smile. Everything seems to be such a big deal when you’re that age, and looking back on it, it’s almost comical to remember the things that bugged you. I don’t know if I identified with any of the characters more than most, but I had traits of Beth, Sarah, Kris and Roxanne for sure.

I’ve started watching Season 2 and I’m enjoying that even more. I think Otessa found her footing as seasons went on, and I’m planning on finding out how it all ends. It’s a really nostalgic series, I’m glad I discovered it.


One thought on “Orange Juice in Bishop’s Garden: Summer of 1994 – Otessa Marie Ghadar Review

  1. Seeing this made my day! Thank you so much for your review 🙂 I agree about Season 1–I was still a rookie when I made it! But I definitely feel I improved my characters in season 2. I hope you enjoy reading and watching it!

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