Secret Teddy Society: Breaking the Code – J.S. Gilmore Review

Secret Teddy Society: Breaking The Code Teddies don’t have claws – at least not real ones. That’s what Waldo was thinking as he watched his best friend turn into a Were-bear by the moonlight. Waldo had no idea that a string of events would unwind all because he and Bobby Bear were caught going after the milk in the fridge by James, a stay-at-home dad trying to write his first book. Nothing happens in the teddy world that the Council doesn’t find out about because of the Teddy Network; and “no moving in front of a human” is the first rule of the Teddy Code. It’s only a matter of time before a punishment is determined for the two bears – but what and when? Sometimes the waiting can be worse than the punishment itself. Fluffy hasn’t been heard from since he was caught moving. James begins to write about the daily adventures of Bobby Bear and Waldo not realizing the harm that he may be causing to the Secret Teddy Society. Waldo’s timing for breaking the Code couldn’t have been worse! The teddy world had been quiet for the last hundred years or so, but that is about to change. The Teddy Council is facing the evils of power and corruption, a product of human influence. Ballinger is convinced that Theodore is too old to run the Teddy Council and will stop at nothing to prove it. This book provides a rare look inside a secret culture we know very little about.

You remember my last post about children’s literature? I’m still on the lookout for the next great children’s book, and though this isn’t a book that will last through the ages, it’s a very original book. I remember my teddy bear from when I was a child. I never wondered if he came alive when I was a child, but I did after finishing this novel!

This book was a sweet adventure story that teaches children the value of honesty, loyalty, and friendship. I really liked getting to know the history of teddy bears and Waldo and Bobby Bear were perfect examples of the values of the Teddy Code. I think this book will be enjoyed by children just because it will change their perspective about their toys.

I applaud Gilmore for creating a world of magic and mystery that somehow embodies the amount of love and affection a child can feel for their toys. This was a very sweet read and I’m looking forward to Gilmore’s next book.


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