Craving – Kristina Meister Review

When Lilith Pierce’s younger sister commits suicide, Lilith consoles herself with cleaning up Eva’s final mess. But when she returns to the coroner’s office to collect the body, she finds that the last few days were all a bizarre waking dream that never actually happened. Aided by the detective who witnesses her brush with the paranormal, she tears apart her sister’s shadowy new life. Yet after reading hundreds of Eva’s detailed journals Lilith still has no explanation and no suicide note. Her search becomes a maddening obsession uncovering tantalizing questions but no answers…until she meets a stranger at her sister’s funeral. Drawn to the mysterious man in a way she cannot explain, Lilith seeks the help of his crew of equally bizarre friends, including an immortal, blue-haired hacker and a Desert Storm veteran. As her prophetic visions intensify and she begins to develop even stranger powers, she uncovers a culture woven into the fabric of history-a culture founded on an idea of peace gone horribly wrong. From philosophy, to faith, to freakish genetic mutation, man’s deepest desires became his greatest flaws, turning all those who succumb into vicious monsters. And very soon, Lilith will become one of them.

There is only one thing that really bugs me about books. I get infuriated when books aren’t consistent throughout. I don’t care if a book is terrible from the beginning to end as long as it’s consistent. I’ve read some terrible books that I actually enjoyed more than this one.

This book starts off incredibly strong.  I started this book in the middle of the day, but I found the first two chapters to be really creepy. It was a promising start with a “who-dunnit” kind of premise. The writing was fantastic, and the beginning really drew me into the story. I wanted to know Lilith and I wanted to take the journey with her to find out the mystery surrounding her sister’s death. I was addicted to the first 30% of this book. The strong writing, the interesting characters, the mysterious elements combined with the slight philosophical writing made for a great combo. I was forced to expand my mind to understand some of the ideas and I really liked it.

And then it lost me. It went from a mystery story with some philosophy to a philosophical book, completely putting the mystery on back burner. Lilith started to grate on my nerves and it was a chore to plod through this book. I don’t think I’ve sighed so much in all my life. Half of the time, I couldn’t even understand what they were talking about. It wasn’t the Buddhist philosophy I had trouble with, it was the fact that these characters seemed to spout wisdom without any reason to. Every sentence was so pretentious. I finished this book, though not happily. The best thing I can say about it is that it ended.

If only the end had been as great as the beginning. Alas.



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