Aesop Revisited: Book 1 – Ethan Russell Erway Review

For thousands of years, Aesop’s Fables have conveyed messages of universal, practical truths. The time tested wisdom of these stories could never be improved upon, but that doesn’t stop the author from trying. Revisited and re-written for a modern day audience, this short collection of twelve fables is infused with a wry look at contemporary culture. Sometimes political, sometimes politically incorrect, no-one is safe in the pages of Aesop Revisited.

This was an incredibly strange book. You would think that this would be a humorous collection of altered fables, and I’m pretty sure that’s what it was going for, but it just didn’t succeed. The concept of it was interesting…rewriting Aesop’s fables with a modern twist, but the new fables were just so random. They were supposed to be satirical political and religious commentaries, but they fell really short. Also, the edits by “Aesop” were really unnecessary and kind of confusing.

I’m not sure what audience this book is marketed for. I think adults will find the stories quite silly and children won’t be able to understand the political references. Maybe Book 2 will have more potential.


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