Easter Ann Peters’ Operation Cool – Jody Lamb Review

Easter Ann Peters' Operation Cool Twelve-year-old Easter Ann Peters has a plan to make seventh grade awesome: Operation Cool. She’s determined to erase years of being known as the quiet, straight-A student who can’t think of a decent comeback to a bully she calls Horse Girl. When the confident new girl, Wreni, becomes her long-needed best friend, Easter lets her personality shine. The coolest guy in school takes a sudden interest. But as tough times at school fade away, so does a happy life at home. Mom is drinking, and Easter works double-overtime to keep their secret in the tiny lakeside town.

Operation Cool derails. Fast.

Can Easter discover the solution in time? Or will seventh grade be her worst year yet?

This book is extremely well written. Lamb has managed to take a very serious topic and through the perspective of a young girl, write about it with humour and grace. Easter’s voice is so honest and sincere and she manages to show the heartbreak a young girl goes through when having an alcoholic parent.

Easter’s goal to be “cool” in the seventh grade is juxtaposed with her tragic home life. It’s very difficult to read about her battle to take care of her mother while still trying to retain normality in her life. Easter will make you laugh and make you cry. You’ll cheer for her when she succeeds and cry with her when she doesn’t.

Even though I’ve never faced the issues that Easter does, I find myself with more knowledge about this sensitive issue that affects many people. I commend Lamb for writing such a poignant and moving novel that instills hope instead of passing judgement. Highly recommended for all young adults.



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