American Horror Story

Everyone who knows me knows that I’m a huge fan of horror movies. Well, it always bugged me that there were no decent horror T.V. shows. There have been mildly spooky ones, but a fantastic horror T.V. show is hard to find. When I heard about American Horror Story, I was skeptical. The creators of it are known for creating the TV show Glee. That should have turned me off to it immediately, but because I was so desperate for a scripted horror show, I decided to check it out.

OH MY GOODNESS IT IS SO VERY GOOD! You can’t believe how spooky and chilling and incredibly awesome it is. It’s smart, sexy, and actually creepy. It has game changing twists in the plot and best of all, it doesn’t take itself too seriously. Season 1 was fantastic, and Season 2 is looking to be just as amazing.

So here we go, the 5 top reasons to watch American Horror Story.

5.) The Writing. It is smart writing. Everyone talks like people actually talk. Yes, sometimes the show is overly sexualized and the writing can get a little crass, but it fits into the storyline really well.  There’s no black and white and all of the characters live in shades of grey. There’s nobody you’re going to love or hate, but you’ll probably end up sympathizing with everyone.

4.) The Season Change. It would have been extremely easy to get bored of the same setting of Season 1. However, Falchuk and Murphy (creators) recognized that a haunted house is only creepy for so long and for Season 2, they changed the setting to an insane asylum. BRILLIANT. I mean, yes, the settings are cliche, but the idea of changing the setting from season to season is inspired. There are new stories and every actor (that’s asked to stay on) gets to play a new character every season. It’ll keep things so fresh!

3.) The Opening Credits. I fell in love with these credits before the show. I mean…just look at how creepy they are. Enough said.

2.) The Acting. The plot and the writing would be nothing without the characters to play them. The casting was done perfectly. These actors make you love them one minute and hate them right after that. They’re just so good at playing their roles. Some of them may be a little weak at times (looking at you Taissa Farmiga), but they still do really well. I was kind of worried when I found out that Adam Levine would be in Season 2 as a recurring role, but he didn’t embarrass himself! One of the best actors is definitely Evan Peters, which is obviously why he was asked to return for Season 2. He’s extremely versatile.

1.) Jessica Lange. This woman is an acting goddess. She’s so damn talented, it’s almost scary. Sometimes, when I watch someone act, there are periods of time when I remember that I’m watching a T.V. show because their reactions aren’t accurate, but I’ve never done that with her. When I watch her, I’m just lost in the show. She’s extremely evocative and pretty much one of the main reasons the show is as amazing as it is.

So there you go. This show is a must-see and if you’re into horror at all, it’ll be your new addiction. I promise.


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