Silhouette – Dave Swavely

Silhouette: A Peacer Novel

Dave Swavely

A post-quake San Francisco is ruled by a private corporation called the Bay Area Security Service. Its founder, Saul Rabin, is revered by many as the savior of the city, but by others he is feared and loathed as a fascist tyrant. And because of the cutting-edge antigravity technology being developed by his company, this controversial figure is about to become the most powerful man in the world.

To his protégé, Michael Ares, the old man is a mysterious benefactor whom he respects and admires. But when Michael’s daughter and best friend are brutally murdered, he follows a trail of evidence that leads dangerously close to home. Closer than he could ever imagine.

A future world of aerocars, net glasses, and neural cyberware provides the backdrop for this timeless tale of good and evil, revenge and love, infamy and destiny. Fans of Blade Runner and Ghost in the Shell will love this page-turner filled with thought-provoking images of dark shapes which, despite their pain and power, could never blot out the light that surrounds them.

This book is marketed as a cross between Minority Report and Blade Runner and it certainly lives up to the promise. It’s incredible how the world built in the novel is so well rounded and fully thought out. The future is shown to be a technologically driven place and it’s a little bleak how technology became an addiction for society. With the advent of neural cyberware, aerocars, and net glasses, we’re dropped into a world so highly dependent on technology that it’s almost sickening. The thought of society as a whole worshiping technology almost makes me cry because I know it’s going to happen and yet I wish it wouldn’t. I’m sure people smarter than I will be able to see the political commentary, and even I could recognize that there is an undercurrent of fascism in this book, but I chose not to focus on that part.

I chose to focus on how thoroughly impressed I was with Swavely’s creativity and ingenuity in designing the new technologically-centric world. Every detail was so meticulously researched, and perhaps the physics of the designs are off, but I was spellbound anyway. Thankfully, the reader is not assaulted with all this detail and information right from the start, but gradually enveloped in this new world. It will excite some people about what the future could be, or it’ll make you weep for our generation and the path we’re on.

Either way, I find myself in awe of this novel. It reads almost like a movie, the world-building is fantastic, the characters are dynamic, and the plot moves at a great pace. This book must be read as soon as you can get your hands on it.


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