Dreams of Darkness – Barry James Review

Jordan Hanson was having a bad day. His girlfriend was acting distant, his cat had run off, his car was leaking oil, there was something screwy with the electrical system in his new house, and to top it all off he got caught in a storm. By the end of the day, though, Jordan would have given anything to get his old life back. Or any life at all, for that matter. Even an undead existence in which he was not about to be used as a tool to end the world would have been better than nothing….

I’m really perplexed when it comes to this book. It started off with so much promise. It had really interesting mythical concepts, a creative and imaginative storyline, and very vivid scenes. Unfortunately, that only lasted for a little while before the details bogged down the book and it became a chore to trudge through all the myth.

There’s a fine line between enough detailed myth to keep the reader invested and create an atmospheric environment and bogging down the reader with uninteresting and irrelevant information. It’s upsetting to me that this book couldn’t maintain that balance since it really does have a lot of potential otherwise.

I wanted to like this book, but if I hadn’t promised a review, I wouldn’t have finished reading it.  No disrespect to Mr. James – he has a lot of talent and I appreciate how much thought went into plotting out this novel. I think he would benefit from an editor of some sort helping to keep the pace of the book appropriate. Perhaps the sequel will live up to expectations, but I don’t think I’ll be checking it out.


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