Big Brother 14 Is Amazing

I don’t have any close friends or family members that watch Big Brother. In fact, most of them mock me for being a fan. I try to defend it and justify my reasons for watching it. Let me try again. I watch it for moments of genius and pure gameplay. Without a doubt, I can say that Dan Gheesling is the best Big Brother player of all time. I’m very sorry Dr. Will – you’ve been replaced.

Dan Gheesling

Meet Dan Gheesling. Dan came into Big Brother 14 as one of the coaches. When given the opportunity, he wanted to join the game. During his season, Season 10, he was the winner of half a million dollars. It was always apparent that he was smart and cunning, but now I know he’s a genius and completely deserving of the grand prize this season too.


Let me paint you a picture. Dan was put on the block against the woman he was mentoring and his closest friend in the house, Danielle. Danielle is a sweet Southern girl, slightly imbalanced, but not as big of a threat as Dan. It was all but guaranteed that Dan would be going home. Then, Dan had the punishment of solitary confinement for 24 hours where he came up with his brilliant master plan.

Step 1 – Throw Dan’s funeral. This emotionally charged event was Dan basically saying goodbye to everyone. He complimented everybody, said the nicest things and told them what an impact they had made in his life. Most of the house members were driven to tears, it was that sweet. But then came the shocker. In Dan’s words to Danielle, he told her she had completely betrayed him, she couldn’t be trusted and that she was dead to him in the game. Everybody was absolutely shocked and Danielle was devastated. She couldn’t stop sobbing and kept asking “What did I do?” Absolutely heartbreaking.

Step 2 – Dan took the Head of Household, Frank, upstairs with the pretense of reading a bible passage to him that supposedly reminded him of Frank. Dan teaches at a Catholic school so this wasn’t as strange as it sounds. Instead of reading a bible passage, he proceeded to throw one of his alliance members under the bus and tell Frank how he’d been played by this person.

Step 3 – Through Frank’s influence, Jen, the holder of the Power of Veto took Dan off the block. One of Dan’s alliance members, Britney, was put up in his place. Since everybody felt so bad for Danielle, Dan knew that nobody would vote her out…it was also part of Dan’s master plan. With Britney’s eviction, everyone figured Dan’s alliance was dead in the water.

Not so. The remaining members all banded together and are just as strong as ever. Dan is the only coach remaining.

With three steps, Dan did the unthinkable. Frank hated him and had wanted him out for weeks, but somehow he convinced Frank that they should ally. It was all BS though since Frank is on the block this week and is pretty much a lock to go home.

Big Brother is a game with a lot of twists and I just can’t get enough. With incredible players like Dan in the house, can you really blame me?


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