The Glass House

When The Glass House first started, it was surrounded by controversy. CBS was really mad at ABC for basically copying the format of Big Brother. ABC maintained it wasn’t copying because the audience had complete control and the game was designed around them.  In The Glass House, 14 contestants from different backgrounds were put together and made to compete for a chance to win $250,000. I think the show was supposed to be entertaining, but honestly it was just so dull. Everyone in it (except for maybe two or three people) made me angry with their stupidity. Of course, it’s those two/three that are in the finals now, which leads me to why this show doesn’t work.

  1. No surprises.  If the game is determined by the viewers and the viewers are the ones who choose the bottom players AND vote out the players they dislike, then we always know who’ll be leaving.  Every week, the person with the least amount of audience support leaves no matter who they’re playing against. WELL DUH! The bottom two are only a surprise to the players in the game, and who cares if they’re surprised or not. Unlike Big Brother, there’s no expecting the unexpected.
  2. Only one episode a week. For this kind of show, we need more than one episode a week to learn more about the players. I know there are live feeds, but honestly it’s not like we all have the ability (or desire) to seek them out.
  3. The players can’t strategize or be disloyal at all. There’s no gameplay because as soon as the players try to re-form alliances or strategize about who to send into limbo, the audience turns their back on them and they lose a ton of support. In my past post about Big Brother, I mentioned that it was a really big chess game. There’s no chess in The Glass House. No, in the Glass House, they play Candyland.


To sum up, CBS has nothing to worry about. This show was a failure on so many levels. Then again, you may want to watch just for Holly. She lied and said she was majoring in art history when she was actually majoring in psychology. Her lie was found out when she couldn’t name ANY artist. When she came clean about her major, people still didn’t believe her because she couldn’t name one psychology topic or name any famous psychologists…except “Dr. Phil”. I wish I was making this up.

The Glass House: awful. Please cancel it and let’s forget it ever existed.


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