Dirty Little Secrets

Sometimes, we have a secret that is so embarrassing, so humiliating that it’s hard to tell people. I have been battling this particular secret for about seven years, but I think I’m finally ready to share my secret with the general population.

I…am a reality TV addict. My particular poison of choice is Big Brother.


Dr. Will

My addiction started about seven years ago when I started to watch and became hooked to Big Brother All-Stars. There, I was introduced to the brilliance that is Dr. Will Kirby. Dr. Will was a sarcastic, self-centered, extremely vain individual, but he was a master manipulator. During his season (Season 2), he won the competition. He was so good he could convince someone in the house to put themselves on the block and make it seem like it was their idea. The guy was called the “puppet-master” because he just had a knack for getting people to do his bidding. However, the guy wasn’t without fault either. He was vain to a fault and rumour has it, he gave himself lipo. This was legal because he is a board certified dermatologist. After watching him on Big Brother, he’s probably not a doctor I’d ever want to go to. That’s also how I feel about Community’s Ken Jeong who is also an honest to goodness doctor. But I digress.



During the All-Stars season, him and his best friend Mike “Boogie” Malin had a super tight alliance that they named “Chilltown”. I know, it’s an extremely ridiculous name, but they were two ridiculous guys. During the All-Stars season, they ran that house. They managed to scam and manipulate their way to the Top 4. Mike Boogie won the All-Stars season and it cemented Chilltown as the best and most successful Big Brother Alliance in history. Til today, people strive to be the next Dr. Will and they’re never even close. I watch hoping that one day, there will be another who can pull people’s strings the way Will did.


Power of Veto

Big Brother has some elements of the ridiculous in it, I know that. To sum up the game, there’s a Head of Household every week who is safe that week. They are also responsible for nominating two people for eviction and putting them up “on the block”. The nominated people along with the Head of Household and three other people drawn from a hat compete for the Power of Veto. If it is used, it can veto one of the nominations and force the Head of Household to put up a replacement house guest for eviction. However, it can’t be the person who is holding the Veto. Then, the entire house (except the nominated people) vote for who they want to evict. If there’s a tie, the Head of Household must break it. Yes, the competitions to determine these people can be kind of demeaning, but it’s not that big of an issue.

The entire game is basically a huge chess match. There’s so much strategy involved! It’s really important to know when to make alliances, who to make them with, when to keep your word, and when to lie. There’s also strategy involved with who to evict and when to do it.

I get involved with all the gameplay. I can’t help it! It’s just so fun to put yourself in the position of the people in the house and see what kind of decisions you would make. It’s not really about the drama and the back-stabbing for me, though it does certainly help make things more interesting.



Big Brother 14 started a few weeks ago with the twist of four houseguests from previous seasons (including Mike Boogie) coming back to mentor the houseguests. Recently, the mentors were put into the game as competitors so it’ll be really interesting to see what happens. My money is on Janelle Pierzina. She may not look it but she is a FIERCE competitor.

I know my love of Big Brother makes people roll their eyes, but if you can get past the slightly stupid part to it, it’s a really fun strategy game with a large dose of human nature thrown in. Don’t knock it til you’ve tried it.


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