Computer Security Part 2 – Social Media

All of us have such large digital footprints these days since we’re all so deeply invested in social media. It’s a phisher’s dream to have personal information so readily available on sites like Facebook, LinkedIn, Twitter, Youtube etc. This is why it’s extremely important to make sure that your information is private to the public. It’s also really important to be careful who you friend. Additionally, we don’t need to share everything about ourselves online. The more things we share with strangers, the easier it is for them to phish important information from us.

Another important thing to consider with social media is malware and spam campaigns. A really big problem on Facebook these days is clickjacking. Clickjacking is when your Facebook friends share something like “[SHOCK] At 17, she did THIS in public high school, EVERY day! Outrageous?” or “Lady Gaga found dead in her hotel room!”. Once an unsuspecting user clicks on the links, there’s a high chance you’ll be taken to a page that will try to get you to install a video player or a codec for a video player. Obviously, this is malware. The same principle applies on Twitter.

Also, there are plenty of times where we see something that tells you to Like a page to get a free Tim Hortons/Starbucks/Costco gift card. ALL SCAMS. Please don’t fall for it because as soon as you click, that post is immediately shared with all your friends and the cycle of spam and malware continues.

So let’s be aware and at least try to reduce the amount of clickjacking on Facebook.


4 thoughts on “Computer Security Part 2 – Social Media

  1. This is great! Thank you for sharing this information! I am one who tends to fear hacking (and such) but have no clue as to what causes it. So again, thank you for the information. And by the way, I absolutely love your tag line. It’s catchy, funny and definitely memorable!

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