The Void – Brett J. Talley Review

The Void
Brett J. Talley

In the deepest reaches of space, on a ship that no longer exists, six travelers stare into the abyss . . . and the abyss stares back.

Man has finally mastered the art of space travel and in a few hours passengers can travel light years across the galaxy. But, there’s a catch—the traveler must be asleep for the journey, and with sleep come the dreams. Only the sleeper can know what his dream entails, for each is tailored to his own mind, built from his fears, his secrets, his past . . . and sometimes his future.

That the dreams occasionally drive men mad is but the price of technological advance. But when a transport on a routine mission comes upon an abandoned ship, missing for more than a decade, six travelers—each with something to hide—discover that perhaps the dreams are more than just figments of their imagination. Indeed, they may be a window to a reality beyond their own where shadow has substance and the darkness is a thing unto itself, truly worthy of fear.

When it comes to horror books, I have nerves of steel. I can read a horror book alone at night in a dark, empty house with a rain storm outside accompanied by howling wind, still fall asleep without a problem and have lovely dreams. It’s my talent. It’s my gift. It’s entirely unexpected from the girl who tears up at Harry Potter and screams bloody murder at the sight of an insect.

Then, I read The Void. While I didn’t lose any sleep, I had to take breaks while reading because I was scared. I think the most disturbing thing were the description of everyone’s dreams. There was no better way to understand the characters than to delve into their psyche through their dreams. All of them had different ones with a common element…the darkness. The darkness was an entity all to itself. It represented the unknown and it was this element that made the book absolutely terrifying.

The novel is extremely atmospheric and Talley is gifted at imposing a sense of dread and foreboding. There’s incredibly vivid imagery and it played out in my imagination almost like a movie.  The end answered all my questions in an extremely satisfying manner though I was confused as to whether to find it hopeful or bleak.

Talley creates a creepy story that has the potential to leave you afraid of the dark. I enjoyed this book immensely and look forward to reading more from him.


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