Contrition – Robert E. Hirsch Review

In a tiny community on the Mississippi Gulf Coast, Brother Placidus finds little Amanda LeFleur sacrificed below a crucifix, in the attic of The Brothers of the Holy Cross. It is not the first body he’s found there.

Assigned to the investigation is detective Peter Toche whose last case was that of a murdered child, a child that has been haunting his dreams, forcing him to face his worst fears and the evil that has targeted his town.

As additional victims are discovered, Tristan St. Germain, a mysterious man who was rescued by a parish priest from the waters near his home, may hold the key to the safety of all mankind.

Little Amanda was only the beginning…

I have to admit I wasn’t able to finish this book.  There’s nothing inherently wrong with it.  I just found it too wordy, too descriptive, and too religious.  I made it about halfway before I had to stop.

I think the biggest problem for me was that this book was advertised as a murder mystery/thriller when it was actually an overly religious novel.  The murder was in the background and only as a plot device to consider the major point of the book…the battle between good and evil.  I just found myself frustrated with the religious themes and all of the unnecessary Latin phrases thrown in just for kicks.

The characters were all such characters.  There wasn’t a regular one among them.  Almost every character introduced had their own completely farfetched backstory.  The police officer has psychic tendencies…come on!  It wasn’t even introduced in an organic way…it was just told to the reader.

Honestly, I don’t mind theological elements in the books I read, but I can’t read novels that are centered around it.  Perhaps it’s my fault for not understanding what this book was going to be about, but I felt cheated.  I tried to give it a fair shot, but unfortunately it didn’t hold my attention.


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