Blue Fall – B.B. Griffith Review

Blue Fall
B.B. Griffith

There was a time, long ago, when wars were won and lost based on the outcomes of single battles between heroes. Entire countries were moved. Empires rose and fell.

In Blue Fall, that time has come again.

A routine investigation throws a hapless insurance agent down the rabbit hole, into a world where the rich and powerful place wagers on the greatest game on earth. They call it the Tournament. It offers competition without limits. It is beholden to no man, constrained by no law, and it is extremely dangerous. But where does the true power lie in this World Cup of Warfare? With those who place the bets, or with the deadly players themselves? And how much longer can it possibly remain a secret?

There aren’t many unique ideas for film, T.V. or literature these days, but Griffith managed to create a brilliant novel with an entirely new premise.  The Tournament can be described as a competition between eight countries where three of their best people battle against each other.  There are no rules, no laws, and the possibility of injury is high.

Blue Fall takes us to a very primitive place. Each team truly consists of warriors and there are some amazing battles between them.  Griffith really made us invested in each team and you can’t help but pick favourites.  Others have said the beginning is slow, but it’s only because the main players of each team need to be introduced.  Some were more interesting to read about than others, but at the end of their introductions, we knew their characters and to a certain extent, how they fit into their team.

Reading about some of the battles and their after effects was sometimes a bit brutal (France vs. Russia).  It really drove home the fact that casualties and collateral damage were expected.  It also drove home how savage the Tournament would be.  In fact, reading about the brutality of the fights sometimes made my stomach turn because the teams didn’t have an ounce of compassion for each other.  Instead of it being a game, it was a war.  That being said, reading the fights was complete heart-pumping action and I was anxious for the well-being of (some) of the teams.

The end was incredibly shocking and such an interesting direction to take the series.  It leaves off on a cliffhanger and Griffith has me completely hooked.  I can’t wait for the next installment!


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