Terminal Value – Thomas Waite Review

Terminal Value
Thomas Waite

When four college friends founded MobiCelus, they were in it for the excitement, the adrenaline rush and the money. So being bought out by a much larger tech company should have been a dream come true. Dylan, Tony, Heather, and Rob were going to be millionaires before they hit thirty. The sky was the limit Then, on the night of their big success, one of the four was found dead. Was it a terrible accident or murder? To find the truth, the survivors will have to untangle a web of deceit and betrayal. But when you pull one string, the entire thing can come crashing down on you or wrap you up in it, instead. Because in the world of high tech and high finance everyone has something to hide.

I was really interested in the premise of this book.  Coming from a Computer Science background, I was looking forward to the details of the “mobile computing business” even though others probably wouldn’t be interested.  For those that aren’t fond of technical details, you don’t need to worry, there aren’t many.  I did think the process of a start-up being bought seemed quite realistic and accurate.  The beginning of the novel was a little slow and there were a couple of awkward passages.  Also, some of the characters (like Rob) weren’t well-developed.

The plot moves at a decent pace, but I just felt it fell a little short when building up the intrigue.  In fact, I’d classify this book more as a mystery than a thriller because the whole book revolved around a murder and there wasn’t much suspense after that.  I wish that I had been on the edge of my seat to find out who the murderer was, but unfortunately, I wasn’t. In fact, determining the murderer was a surprise, but a surprise that came completely out of left field.

Overall, the novel didn’t surpass my expectations, but it definitely met them! I did like the novel and Waite created a really interesting technology related mystery and I’m glad I got a chance to read it.  I recommend this for anyone interested in technology and ready to read a good mystery.


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