Bloodman – Robert Pobi Review

Robert Pobi

FBI consultant Jake Cole gets called back to his childhood home of Montauk, NY, to deal with his father’s deteriorating health. Cole’s speciality is solving murders and chasing down killers, which makes him the closest and most qualified person to investigate when a gruesome double homicide is discovered just outside of town. He’s got to find a killer, deal with his father’s increasingly dangerous behaviour, and just to make sure nothing is too easy, the storm of the century is bearing down on the eastern seaboard, heading directly for Montauk.

This book starts off strong. I really liked how Jake’s history with his father was described right off the bat. It introduced us to Jake’s character and his relationships in a direct manner which I appreciated. I also liked how the novel didn’t waste any time in introducing the murder. This book is not for the squeamish! The details of the murder are reallygraphic so if you’re not comfortable with graphic and stomach churning descriptions of murders, this book isn’t for you. I definitely found it a little hard to stomach. Fortunately, there’s plenty of time to recover from the vivid imagery.

The plot moves at a great pace and I liked how Jake wasn’t the typical FBI agent. He had unique abilities that were quite interesting to read about. Jake is such a dark protagonist and his relationships are so atypical from any other FBI agent, but I found that to make him compelling. All of the characters were developed quite well and none of them seemed static and one dimensional.

The suspense in this novel increases dramatically as the book approaches its climax. I found myself unable to stop reading because I wanted to have all my questions answered. I absolutely loved how the book concluded. The ending is INCREDIBLE.

Robert Pobi is an excellent addition to the mystery genre and I think he’s going to be extremely successful. Overall, this novel is a dark, chilling, and extremely unforgettable read. You MUST read it.


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