The Healing Time of Hickeys – Karen Rivers Review

Haley Andromeda is 16, and in her last year of high school – “The Greatest Year of My Life,” or TGYML. Haley likes to think she’s just a normal girl, plagued with all the normal doubts of a too-smart-for-her-own-good, slightly hypochondriac, hickey-prone teenager. But part way through the year, disaster strikes: Haley comes down with chickenpox; her best friend Jules won’t speak to her; the object of her affections, a boy named J. T., won’t even look at her; and worst of all, her harmless hippie Dad is in some mysterious trouble with the law. In desperation, Haley turns to the Ouija board and tries to communicate with the Other Side, but this leads to a further, unexpected complication: Why does the dead boy she channels seem more attractive than the real boy who wants to spend time with her? The Healing Time of Hickeys, written in diary form, takes the reader on a compelling, wryly funny journey to discover the answer to this question, and several more that Haley thinks she keeps hidden from everyone.

Haley Andromeda Harmony is neurotic! She is an extreme hypochondriac and worries about pretty much everything. I thought this book was decently written, but I really disliked Haley’s friends, Kiki and Jules. Throughout the entire book, Haley kept complaining about how she couldn’t stand them and how they were always making fun of her, and 10 pages later, she was friends with them again. Kiki actually ended up being a decent friend to Haley, but Jules wasn’t at all! I just don’t understand why a person would be friends with someone who didn’t respect them or treat them kindly. However, Haley was an authentic teenage character (albeit an overanxious one). This book was also written in epistolary format, which I’ve always loved. Cute, fluffy read.


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