Burning Embers – Charlie Close

When Charlie discovered that he was not going to become rich working at a Seattle dot-com company, he decided he needed a fresh challenge, and his wife Kathy knew just what to do: move away from the land of rain and lattes back to her home state of Michigan. Charlie agreed, and off they went. But it wasn’t easy. New family, new work, and new surroundings confused and delighted Charlie, and to cope with it all he began to write letters to friends back home. That’s where Burning Embersstarted, and from there it grew into a collection of comic and sometimes poignant stories of a husband and wife trying to make a marriage, career, and life together. Come join Charlie and Kathy in these pages. Bring a latte (they have those in Michigan now, thank God) and get a ready to laugh.

Charlie Close is a master of the metaphor (and analogies too). This book of short stories about the life of Charlie, his wife Kathy, and their friends and family, is a hidden gem. He speaks about life in an enlightened way…knowing you can’t take it too seriously. Close is seriously gifted with description, creating life stories that are very detailed. Some of the stories were extremely comical and I definitely had a few laugh out loud moments. There are a lot of notable observations that I was very impressed with because they made me think about things (such as packing) in a new way. I do agree that sometimes Kathy was portrayed as the “bad guy”, but I don’t think she was meant to be that way, and I’m sure she’s lovely! I really enjoyed this book and I recommend it.


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