You, Maybe – Rachel Vail Review

In this irresistible story about the first time love finds its mark, fiercely independent Josie is cooler-than-cool, has her life going just the way she likes it, and certainly doesn’t have the time–or desire–to fall in love.

Josie is a 15 year old girl who doesn’t idolize the hottest senior on campus, Carson Gold. While every other girl her age is smitten with him, her friends included, she doesn’t see the appeal and is embarrassed when other girls throw fits after being dumped by him. She believes that in high school, people should hook up and move on. Of course, as young adult novels go, Carson and Josie start hooking up, it’s great for a while, and then things end.
Carson Gold knew all the right things to say to get Josie infatuated with him. Not being fifteen, I think I could definitely see where that was going to lead, but I think at Josie’s age, I would have been just as naïve as she was. It sort of breaks my heart how she treated Michael, not even realizing that he loved her, but I can’t blame her for it. However, the points he makes to her about her hypocrisy (becoming part of a couple when she insisted that people should be wholly themselves) are valid!
I think all teenagers eventually have a Carson Gold in their life, a guy who makes you fall for him and disengages when things get too serious. Someone who promises love and doesn’t deliver. I thought the novel described that relationship very truthfully. It was honest in its representation of a teenage girl who changes herself for a guy and then finds out he doesn’t love her. Even though Josie ends up turning into the girl she hates, I think by the end she is better for having the relationship with Carson…lessons learned and all. All in all, a decent read, especially for young girls.


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