Something Deadly This Way Comes – Kim Harrison Review

Technically dead 17-year-old Madison must choose between reclaiming her body and continuing as Dark Timekeeper, struggling in the war between Light and Dark reapers while trying to change the rules.

I absolutely love Kim Harrison’s Rachel Morgan series, but I don’t think she has the knack for being a young adult writer. I don’t think it’s really her fault, she just doesn’t know how to write a teenage character. How many teenagers say “Puppy presents” instead of just swearing? For a girl that’s supposed to have broken a ton of rules and be a wild child, her language sure is mild. But I digress.

In this novel, (third and final in the series), Madison is still trying to save souls instead of being responsible for reaping them. Her intentions are noble, but her methods are very childish. Sometimes I just wanted to shake her and tell her what to say. She’s trying to save a young girl’s soul as well as saving her life. Basically, she just frightens her throughout the entire book.

This book has a LOT of myth in it, and it’s definitely necessary to have read the first two novels in the series before starting this one. The idea of saving a soul versus saving a life is very interesting, and quite a dilemma. I can see how difficult it would be for a 17 year old girl. The whole mythology of angels, seraphs, and timekeepers is also quite unique and I definitely respect Kim Harrison for coming up with such an original idea.

Barnabas, Nakita and Grace, Madison’s angel friends, are probably my favourite part of the book. They’re quite opposite at their core, but they both share Madison’s point of view and are extremely supportive of her. Josh is fine as a romantic lead, but a little dull for my taste.

All in all, it’s an all right book if you wanna kill some time, but I definitely regret investing my time in this series.


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