Serial killers + Death Penalty + Zodiac Review

When I was reading Zodiac a couple of weeks ago, I really realized how much I’m for the death penalty.  I’m really liberal in my points of view, except when it comes to the death penalty.  People often forget that prison isn’t meant to be only punishment, but it’s also for reformation.  However, some people are just unable to reform.  Zodiac taught me that serial killers are either paranoid schizophrenics that have voices telling them to kill or they’re sociopaths.  These sociopaths (like Bundy, Zodiac, Dahmer, Kearney) can’t ever reform.  There was this guy in Zodiac who used the phrase "Whatever gets you off gets you off".  You can be a child molester, a necrophiliac or a serial rapist that goes to prison and does their time, but even if society says that they’re "cured", whatever gets them off still gets them off.  They’re just repressing it.  Leaving  people in jail to rot their entire life isn’t just cruel.  It’s a drain on society’s resources and taxpayer money.

Anyway, Zodiac is a really great book.  It’s definitely creepy that a killer that sadistic and psychotic was never caught, but there are a lot of killers that were never caught.   

Zodiac – Robert Graysmith. Check it out.


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