More Quotes

Yes, there are more.  There are plenty more…and I will continue to collect them.  (Even if people don’t get them)


Henderson: I used to go home and bang out a few problems.

Cheryl: Somebody’s got Boner in their mouth!

-You can predict the future!
Cheryl: I know! I’m psycho.

Branka: Why is cold air coming out from the bottom and hot air from the top?
Ana: Circulation, baby.
*stunned silence before everyone starts laughing*

Me: Do you think I’m defensive?
Sis: A little, yeah.
Me: I’m not defensive!…You’re defensive!
Sis: Oh my God.  You’re defensive about being defensive.
Me: Oh yeah?  Well, you…uh…Shut up!

Me: You are a bad, dirty, naughty, filthy, DIRTY liar!
Cheryl: Why are you saying such things?  They’re hurtful…
Me: Yeah, but they’re true.

Cheryl: You’re stupid.
Nireesha: You’re stupid.
Cheryl: No, you’re stupid.
Me: You’re both stupid!

Me: "Remove label before burning candle."  By the way, I’m reading this off the label you didn’t remove before you burned the candle.
Dad: Okay, who would turn a candle upside down to read the instructions?
Me: You mean other than me?
(And then my mom started laughing.)

Sis: Stop being condescending.
Me: Whoa, that’s a big word.  I’m surprised you could say it!
(Apparently, that was condescending too, so my sister threw a pillow at me, which caused me to fall off the couch.)

Me: Okay…focus.  Now form a complete sentence like a big boy! 
(Directed at my dad.  Totally got yelled at.)

Me: Yeah, I don’t think my parents would love me if they weren’t forced to.

Mom: Don’t jingle your keys.
Me: Oh mom, that’s just a silly superstition.
Sis: What’s that one about food falling out of your mouth?
Mom: I don’t remember exactly.  Something like someone’s talking about you at that instant. 
Me: No, it means that you’re careless, and you can’t close your mouth and eat properly.
Mom: (laughs) That too.

Cheryl: Hey, help me insert this.
(At which point I started laughing hysterically.  So DIRTY!)

Branka: You wanna head?
Cheryl: No, I don’t want any head!

Ewa: How was piano?
Anja: It was okay, I locked myself in the church by accident and ended up marrying Jesus.
Ewa: Hey, Scott looks like Jesus.
Anja: Maybe he is Jesus!
Ewa: You should meet his Dad, it’d be like meeting God.
Anja: Yeah! I should!


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