Quotes 4

Me: Puberty has not been kind to him.

(Said on St. Patrick’s day when I wasn’t wearing anything else green.  This was overheard by my Math teacher at the time who then told my Info Tech teacher.)
Me: Hey! I’m wearing green underwear!

Ioana: I had a chocolate emergency!

(Ioana and me on the bus.)
Ioana: You know what you notice after watching Buffy all over again?
Me: Hmm, what?
Ioana: That she didn’t start wearing a bra until the third season.
Me: *disgusted groan* Oh dude!
(Some random guy sitting across from us smiles.)
Me: Look, you made him smile.
Ioana: Maybe his book made him smile.
Me: No, it was definitely you.

Me: GAH!!!!!!
My Sister: *jumps a mile in the air* What?!!!!
Me: My cell phone’s on vibrate…..Sorry. 

Me: You know who I hate?
My Sister: *no answer*
Me: Hello?! You know who I hate?
Sis: Well, you’re going to tell me anyway.
Me: *glares at her*
Sis: Fine.  Who do you hate?
Me: You.
Sis: Uh huh. *returns to reading her book*
Me: Doesn’t that bother you?!
Sis: Not really.  Way I figure it, you hate everyone.  I’m just part of the crowd.
Me: I don’t hate my friends!
Sis: Well I’m sure they hate you.


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