Quotes 3

Cheryl: Put it between my legs.  My hands are busy.
(I can’t comment…)

And the following section is totally dedicated to Branka’s quotes.

"Lake Cowitchin’ is bitchin’!"
(For some odd reason, Branka totally lost her ability to say Lake Cowichan and it kept coming out Lake Cowitchin.)

"My hole is nobody’s business!"
(You don’t even wanna know…)

Ioana: Ow, my mouth hurts.  Oh, it’s because I had my braces tightened.
Branka: You have braces?!!!
Ioana: Yeah Branka, since August…
(This conversation took place in June.)

Me and Branka singing: Voulez vous coucher avec moi, ce soir.
Branka: I need to learn more words to that song.  Especially now that I know what it all means.
Me: Uh, coucher, to sleep…yeah, we do know what it all means.
Branka: Wait, what does oulez mean?
Me: Oulez?! It’s voulez! Have you been singing oulez all this time?! Oulez vous coucher avec moi?!!


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