Quotes 2

Me:  Pshh, Americans.
Kenny:  Oh here we go.
Me:  That’s right…American-bashing time!! So, what is up with you guys? Why are you so anti-metric system?
Kenny:  Because we have A-bombs.  And we’re street.  They should put that in your text books in the chapter on Metric systems.  "The United States formally declined entry into the Metric System Society, quoting "We have A-bombs, and we’re street, bitches. So **** off."

Andrey: Ms. Banana Pants.
Me: Mr. Gorbachev.
Andrey: That is me. DA! NUKE ZEE VHALES!

(Quinn and someone else were playing ping pong.)
Me (to Andrey): How long have they been playing?
Quinn: Andrey, time…
Andrey: 12:41.
Me: 12 minutes and 41 seconds?!!!!!
*awkward pause*
Me: Oh, heh, that’s the time.
(Hey, we all have blond moments…)


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